On Holiday: Virgin Islands

With two teen athletes in my home it’s been a challenge trying to plan a week that we could all be together for some funnin’ and sunnin’.

What better occasion to temporarily drop everything than to celebrate the birthday of my eldest daughter Amber on the beautiful Island of Saint Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

We’re looking forward to a fun week of relaxation and sightseeing.

St. Croix’s main attraction is it’s stunning beaches where we will be spending most of our time and of course savoring island cuisine!

Here’s a FUN FACT about the island:

Alexander Hamilton and his brother lived with their mother Rachel Faucette on St. Croix, after she returned to the island in 1765. Their residence was in the upper floor of a house at 34 Company Street, while Rachel used the lower floor as a shop selling food items. Pretty cool huh! Anyway, Happy Birthday Amber! 💕

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