Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

Here’s how you can recreate this Valentine’s Day grazing board at home: First, start with a big serving platter — I like to use one that has a little bit of a lip or curve at the edges to keep ingredients from sliding off. I place a few bowls on the plate to hold things like soft cheeses, jams and small candies (Valentine’s Day M&Ms,mmm!). Next, space out your bigger-sweets like cookies, pastries, or chocolate truffles. I found the most delicious chocolate truffles and pretzels at Hilliards chocolates, and snagged the cookies from the Whole Foods bakery section. After you have those big pieces set in, add your cheeses and meats. I picked a cranberry flecked cheese to keep with the red and pink theme,  and a mild salami that also fit in the color scheme. Fill in the remains space with crackers and fruits; I found red beet crackers at Trader Joe’s and tucked in bright red strawberries for more color. The finishing touch was to add a little bit of extra candy on top (I love the Trader Joe’s gummy Xs and Os) and garnish the cheeses with dried fruit and honey. I love how it came together, and I can attest it tasted great too!


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